Evil lobster !
koutou, notimpressedplz
Was there something you were afraid of as a child that just seems silly to you now?

When I was a tiny weenie Koutou I was afraid of the WC ... I always thought there was a lobster who wait patiently in the "water hole" to pinch my butt ...
TADAAAAAM ! Enjoy ... my shame ...

And a bonuuus

Oni is Crabapples propertie http://dangosunshine.webs.com/aboutus.htm
Animals are from Sooper gal on DA http://sooper-deviant.deviantart.com/

Obsessionnel ...
koutou, notimpressedplz
Z'ont de belles fesses ces joueurs n'empèche ...Collapse )

Après mattage d'Ookiku Furikabutte, seinen sportif que je ne saurai que trop vous conseiller, j'ai parcouru le net pour en apprendre plus sur le baseball ... et vache ! J'aimerai pas être a la place des tendons/chevilles/jambes des lanceurs ! Comment ils font ça ??! Ouch !

-ref : vids sur Youtube-

La contre attaque du retour 2
koutou, notimpressedplz
It's aliiiive !

Histoire de réveiller l'animal ... 1 an après quoi *cough*

/!\ may contains gay stuff and bad words ...Collapse )

(no subject)
koutou, notimpressedplz
Gift for Kiterie, who wrote awesome fics.
This one is from "trough the fire" a kakairu.
(Btw, first try to draw kiss, and failed miserably XD ... practise practise practise =P )


I'll color it one day XD
Feel free to color it, just credit of course ^^

Article on Kakairu com.


Thanks Kiterie XD

Kishimoto I hate you
koutou, notimpressedplz
Great ! Why not to kill Kakashi, after one will kill Naruto as that one will be quiet !
My poor Tenzô is too young to become widowed !!!!

Doodle on MSPaint   "Wind read the chapter 425"


Test test ...
koutou, notimpressedplz
First attempt  ... How this thing woooorks ...


Bon, it's a beginning :/


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